Adrian Mur’s Holidays

It is the start of the summer and I have done a lot of activities!

Although I finished my school lessons and my holiday started, i had to train a lot with my football team until the end of june. It was complicated because it was very hot and we were very tired but i didn´t care about that.
We played the final match against Cristo rey and it was amazing because we won.
I really like playing with my partners because all of them are good friends and we play very well together.

July has already started and my summer is  as exciting as i would like.

I have to study every day because I fell some subjects in June so in September i have to pass my exams. Every morning I wake up early and I study until the lunch time and in the afternoon I do some homework but in the evening I go out with my friends in my neighborhood.
My little sister Erika is not very busy so she has made some changes in our garden. She is very worried about a new plant that is growing up very fast.

It is the end of July and me and my family are in the beach with my grandparents. They have an apartament in Hospitalet del Infant and we like to spend our  holidays there.

It is a good place to do activities with your family  like swimming in the sea or walking in the sand.
This month my parents , my sister and I can only be in the beach a few days because my parents have to work and I have to study but we will come back in August.

Before coming back home, we visited the village where my father comes from.

There we have met some friends and it was great! Me and my sister played with the daughters of my parents´ friends and we had a very good time. They showed us some beautiful places and we took a trip together and after that we had dinner in a bar. It was a fantastic day but tomorrow i have to study a lot again. My parents have told me that I should make an effort!

It is August and these are the worst holidays in my life because every day i spent three hours studying while my sister is in the beach.
A friend recommended me some films that I watched in English and i am improving a lot but i can´t go to the swimming pool or do other activities.
However, the last weekend I turned back to the beach with my family and i relaxed a little bit.
There I spend some time with my grandmother and my sister fishing but we didn´t fish anything and i also swam in the sea with my mom. Another day my grandfather, my father and I were in a boat and it was very exciting. I really liked to go very far with the boat because we were in the middle of the sea and it was very relaxing.

In the evening we went out to have dinner and we ate a delicious paella. It was the best weekend of my holidays!

I have to say that this holidays could be better if i hadn´t failed but i have done a lot of things.
It is true that i have been in the beach and i have done many activities but i have studied very hard.

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