Email exchange topics

Email Exchange Topics

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking (ENGLISH)
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc? How do you use these sites in your daily life?

Technology and Education (SPANISH)
How do you use technology to help with school work? What are the advantages of using technology in classrooms? What are the possible negative effects of using technology in classrooms?

Science and Medicine (ENGLISH)
What are some advances that have been made in Science and Medicine over the past few years? How has this affected your life? What role does technology play in Science and Medicine?

Health and Wellness (SPANISH)
How do you stay healthy? What are some activities that we can do to stay healthy and active? How does your lifestyle effect your health and wellness?

Environmental Concerns (ENGLISH)
What are some environmental concerns that you are aware of? (for example: global warming) How do these environmental concerns affect our daily lives and how will they affect our lives in the future?

How to Improve Our Environment (SPANISH)
What do you do to improve the condition of the environment? What are some things that we can do every day to improve the environment?

Tourism in Spanish Speaking Countries (SPANISH)
What are some of the most popular Spanish Speaking Countries to travel to? Which one would you like to travel to and why? What would you like to do there?

Travel Experience (ENGLISH)
Describe your travel experiences. What do you think you can learn by traveling to different countries? What places would you like to travel to in the future? Are you interested in studying abroad? Explain your answer.

Sports (SPANISH)
What sports are popular in your country? What is your favorite sport to watch? Are sporting events a part of a countries culture? Explain your answer.

Free Time (ENGLISH)
How do you spend your free time? Is this typical for other people your age? Why is free time an important part of our lives?

Family Life (SPANISH)
What activities do you participate in with your family, if any? How do you think your family life compares with family life in other countries?

Friendships and Relationships (ENGLISH)
Why is it important to have good friendships and relationships? What are the best ways to resolve conflicts between friends? Do you have a best friend? Describe him or her.

Cinema (SPANISH)
What is your favorite movie genre? Why? Describe the best movie you’ve seen.

TV and Media (ENGLISH)
Do you think young people spend too much time watching television? What are some of the positive effects of television? What are some of the negative effects it can have on our lives?

Cultural Comparisons (ENGLISH/SPANISH)
What did you learn from participating in this email exchange? What did you and your email exchange partner have in common? What are some of the cultural differences you have observed?

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