Exchange with New Milford High: Tara and Laura

Hi Tara!

I am Laura, from Zaragoza, Spain. Nice to meet you. In this first composition I’m going to talk about advantages and disadvantages of social networking. If you have any social network as Instagram you can follow me (@laura_diecisiete).

In my opinión, the most important advantages is we can meet people and we can also talk with family or friends who are very far of us. Moreover, in social networks we can see what famous people like footballers, international models, actors, etc, do in their dairy life. This is fantastic!

However, social networks have disadvantages too, for example, ciberbullying. It is very serious because there are people who impersonate any other person, and they usually lie a child or a teen.

Well, to put and end to this, what do you think about this topic? I expect your answers.

Yours faithfully, Laura.


Hi Laura!

I am Tara from New Milford, New Jersey and I am seventeen years old. It’s great to meet you. I am also going to be explaining my outlook on the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

I agree with you that social networking is a great way for us to stay connected. We can use it to contact people from all over the world as well as staying up to date on what other people are doing, whether it be through pictures, or Facebook status, even tweets. Social networking also allows us to be creative through certain websites such a pintrest, which always keep the creative juices flowing and lets us share different ideas.

There are also disadvantages to social networking such as people feeling excluded. Posting pictures of amazing events or exciting weekends is great until someone realizes that an invitation was not extended to them. People also fail to realize that when something is put on social media, it is out there forever. There is no privacy when it comes to social networking and that can sometimes be seen as a downfall.

It was great meeting you and hearing your opinion on social networking! Until next time!

Best, Tara.


Hola Laura,

Hoy voy a estar hablando sobre cómo yo uso tecnologia para ayudarme en la escuela. La tecnologia me ayuda completo encargo, dejo investigar información y comunico con mis amigos y mis profesores. ¿Cómo usas tecnologiá para ayudarte en la escuela?

Hay muchas ventajas de usar tecnología en tus clases. Por ejemplo la tecnología dejan estudiantes completan trabaja más rapido. En tú opiniá, ¿cuáles son las ventajas de usar tecnología en tus clases?

Hay tambien efewctos negativos de usar tecnologia en las clases. La tecnologia puede distraerme de mi tarea. Tambien, la tecnologia a veces puede muero o para de trabajar. ¿Cuáles crees que

ser algunos efectos nagativos de usar tecnología en tus clases?

Hablamos pronto, Tara.


Hola Tara,

Hoy te voy a explicar cómo utilizamos la tecnología en mi instituto ya que lo hacemos día a día.

Por un lado, las ventajas que tiene la tecnología son que los profesores nos pueden pasar apuntes por internet en vez de tener que copiarlos todos a mano, aunque esto solo pasa en algunas asignaturas. Además de esto, nosotros, los alumnos, la utilizamos para hacer resúmenes de los temas, actividades, etc.

Por otro lado, como tú dijiste en tu redacción, la tecnología puede fallar, porque puede romperse el ordenador, puede que una página no funcione… Y cuando la uso en casa estoy de acuerdo en que puede distraerme.
Hablamos en la próxima redacción, un saludo y Feliz Halloween


Hi, Tara:
In the last 50 years the advances in Science and Medicine have been very bigs. That has been possible thanks to technology, due to it has also improve very fast.

For example with respect to medicine, in the past lots of people died because doctors couldn ́t know the causes and therefore they couldn ́t diagnose the illness.
However, nowadays everything is much more controlled because there are a lot of information. Medical tests are fast and precise, there are many doctors, all kind of medications have been created, etc.

In conclusión, without technology, there wouldn ́t be so many advances. In your country, how are Science and Medicine developped?
Yours truly. Laura

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