Women and their scientific findings have been neglected in history. One of the first and more dedicated researchers about fossils was Mary Anning. If you visit the Natural History Museum in London, you can see many of the fossils she found. She was the first person to find a complete plesiosaur skeleton and a flying pterosaur. When she died at the age of 48 (in 1847) she was respected by scientific community, which was nearly impossible for a woman in the England of the 19th century.

Now a two-part biopic (film) on her life is going to be shot. It will be named “Mary and the Dinosaur Hunters” and I hope we will be able to project it in class next year.

You can read all the story in this post from the Natural History Museum: http://www.nhm.ac.uk/about-us/news/2017/december/new-biopic-to-highlight-life-of-mary-anning.html