Quiz on There is / there are/ there was / there were

New quiz on There is /are /was /were.  They can be in affirmative, interrogative or negative

You can do it as many times as you want.

Everytime you do it, the questions change!!

To revise grammar go to http://inglespc.com/there-is-there-are/

Welcome to your There is / are /was / were

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 a great horror movie playing at the cinema-
any books on the table?
At 2 o'clock  three people waiting for you.
The table was empty, any pens on it
many people at the concert yesterday?
a cat in the house yesterday?
a big party on the beach. Do you want to come?
 a big group of people looking towards here.
  four chairs and one table now.
two birds in the tree when you were there?

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