You can take this quiz to practice the use of the possessive adjectives in English.

Welcome to your Possessive Adjectives

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Tom’s father works in a car factory so he got (he) car cheaper.

1 out of 10

I have a car.  colour is black.

2 out of 10

François and Alain are French. family is from France.

3 out of 10

He’s almost bald, so he never combs  hair.

4 out of 10

Two students didn’t do mathematics homework.

5 out of 10

Kathy’s boyfriend is great. I like boyfriend a lot.

6 out of 10

John is marrying Leila because he is in love with money

7 out of 10

Open  school bag, please.

8 out of 10

Mary drank a lot of alcohol when she was a child.  health is very bad for that reason.

9 out of 10

(I) husband and I want to go to Paris.

10 out of 10