Quiz: Simple Present vs. Present Continuous

You can take this quiz to practice the use of the simple present and the present continuous

Welcome to your Present simple / Present Continuous

I anything at the moment. (not to do)
What are the girls doing?  lunch. (To have lunch)
a film at 7. Do you want to come? (To watch)
This baby rarely . (To cry)
We  looking for Pedro's keys. We can't find them anywhere. (To look for)
What ? (To do)

I'm reading a book.
Be quiet! We  a test. (To do)
Mary can't go out with you tonight, she has an exam tomorrow and now she  (To study)
Sundays afternoon my mum  my aunt Liza. (To visit)
computer games well? (To play)

No, he doesn't, He is a bad player.

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