Jesus’ birth inspires artists every year and push them to innovate in the representation of the tale that isn’t always historically accurate.

But lately, some Nativity scenes are shocking and provoking  ― depending on how you feel about the Christmas story which is depicted in bacon, zombies or shotgun shells.

Christian author Mark Oestreicher collects Nativity scenes and he posts his favorite weird Nativity scenes on his blog, It’s a yearly tradition, and his collect

ion has expanded to 70 strange Nativity scenes.

Some of the most relevant ones are:

Hipster nativity

The Hipster Nativity may be this year’s most viral Nativity scene. It shows Joseph and Mary taking selfies with Baby Jesus, a shepherd checking his social media accounts and the Three Wise Men on Segways delivering gifts from Yes, the cow is organic.
Zombie Nativity
When you see a Nativity scene featuring zombies, you can only wonder if it’s taking place in “Deathlehem.”
Rubber Duckie Nativity
Courtesy of
In this Nativity scenes Jesus, Mary and Joseph are rubber ducks
Meat Nativity
This picture of the birth of Jesus is very strange and it is able too feed peoples’ stomachs and their souls at the same time.
Nativity Cupcakes
Are commercial products morally wrong? It depends on people’s convictions
Mermaid Nativity
Was Bethlehem flooded when Jesus Crist was born?. Perhaps that is the reason why he is depicted as a mermaid

if you want to see more of these Nativity scenes you can have a look at  Weird Nativity scenes depict Jesus’ birth with Hipsters, zombies and Bacon


Weird: strange

Accurate: exact


Adapted from the Huffington post’s Weird Nativity scenes depict Jesus’ birth with Hipsters, zombies and Bacon